The birth and purpose of the site


This site aims at listing the most possible of "free" of internet in so varied domains that the music, the sewing, the foreign languages, the sport, the leisure activities, the games (see the Table of contents)

The life is hard for everybody and we would like to save, but we have fewer and fewer the time to look for the good pipes(tips)!

I wondered " why to pay something who can be proposed somewhere free of charge? "

The whole is to know where to look. Then, I decided to make a listing of a maximum of free sites which propose really interesting things for any sorts of persons.

For that purpose, I wondered what could interest young people, students, sportsmen, housewives, men(people) handymen, older persons, relatives(parents) of more or less old children...

And here is how " free of the net " originated!

I hope that it will be useful for you and that its presentation by subjects will be easy to use.